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Why Us


We are a team of highly educated professional individuals with decades of experience in planning, scheduling and project controls services in industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects, mainly in Oil sand, Oil & Gas, Refineries, SAGD, Mining, Highways, Bridges, High-rise commercial and residential buildings.

Services Offered

Project Scheduler – Full Time

An experience planner scheduler will be allocated to your project location Full Time on a contract bases

Project Scheduler – Part Time

This service is available on Project Location (In-house) Or Remotely (In our office). An experience

Shutdown / Turnaround Planner Scheduler

This service is available to our Industrial client. Pre Shutdown, Shutdown and Post down planning and

Forensic Analysis of Project Schedule

All Project need a 3rd Party detail review& analysis of the construction schedule. This review comfort the

Other Project Controls Services

Bid Schedule

Stand out of the crowd. If you are a small to mid-size contractor and bidding for a project, get your

Fabrication Schedule

If you are fabricating , steel structure element, pipe, modules or any other equipment for a construction

Resource Assignment

All Construction schedule should use the resource assignment function of the Primavera in order to

Create Report

Need to create report out of resource loaded schedule from Primavera. We can extract the report the

Convert MS Project File

(mpp) to Primavera File (xer file) Some contractor don’t use Primavera and they only provide their

Compare 2 Schedule

During the execution of the project the contractor usually submit weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule

Create a Customized Excel Spreadsheet

Most Small Contractors find difficulty in preparing weekly reports or tracking progress sheets, although

Create a Customized Database on MS Access

Don’t buy expensive software or cloud base monthly services, get your own fully automated database

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